Alienation (Athens) Part 2:  The Cultural Centre of Moschato, Athens, Greece 
(9th January- 13th January 2017)

Alienation (Athens) Part 1:  Room 7, Athens, Greece (2nd January- 6th January 2017)

Alienation (Moscow):  A3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia (24th November- 4th December 2016)

Seeing: 265 Well Street, Hackney, London (28th November 2016)

Alienation (London):  5th Base Gallery, London (28th - 30th October 2016)

Alienation (New York):  The Ground Floor Gallery, Brooklyn, New York (16th - 18th August 2016)

Summer Salon 2016:  Lubomirov/Angus-Hughes Gallery, Hackney, London  (23rd July - 14th August 2016)

Alienation (Philadelphia):  James Oliver Gallery, Philadelphia (16th - 18th July 2016)

BA Fine Art Degree Show 2016: University of East London, London (19th - 22nd May 2016)

Changing Perspectives: The Humble Gallery, London (17th March - 21st April 2016)

Trumped: The CNB Gallery, Shoreditch (16th March 2016)

Remember Nature: The AVA Gallery, University of East London, Curated by Andrea Gregson (4th November 2015)

Breaking the Chains: The Tower Gallery, London (18th October - 6th November 2014)

Art Arising: The Tower Gallery, London (20th September - 20th December 2013)

Shadowlands: Stratford Circus, Stratford (6th September - 4th October 2013)

Soul on Fire (Solo Show): Rosetta Windows Gallery, Canning Town, London (23rd July - 8th September 2012)

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